Weapons Policy

Carrying props and replicas is considered by many to be essential to the convention experience. Whether purchased or made on your own, prop weapons or other items permitted below must understand that they use and carry them at their own risk and assume all risks of liability to and from anyone injured or otherwise harmed directly or indirectly by the fans acts or inaction and property damaged. LouisiANIME shall not be liable for injury, harm, property damage, or other liability associated with use of any weapon, permitted, or banned, by any person at LouisiANIME.

  • Wooden swords, bats, prop canes, staffs, and etc are permitted. All props and weapons must be checked into the Convention Patrol desk upon entering the convention, or in the case of a Dealer’s Room purchase they must be cleared right after you have finish your transaction. Realistic looking weapons will not be allowed within the convention space.
  • Any and all LIVE weapons are NOT allowed. This includes individuals whom possess a weapons permit, or a concealed weapons permit.
  • Live Steel is not allowed in convention space. This includes blades, blunt, etc.
  • If Convention Patrol decides a prop or weapon is too dangerous then you will be asked to return the item to your room or car. If you take this as a mere suggestion, then you will be expelled from the convention without a refund.
  • No swinging; play fighting, unarmed included; or throwing of props and/or weapons will be permitted.
  • Real Guns and other firearms are not permitted. No exceptions, even if you have a concealed carry license.
  • Realistic ammunition and other realistically-colored weapons (ie: grenades): No live or spent ammunition, shells , or explosive incendiary devices.
  • Whips are allowed, but must be kept on the hip at all times.