Panel Submission Form

We provide one free weekend badge for every 60 minutes of programming. If you're interested in hosting a panel at Anime Austin, please use the link below to fill out the form to contact our programming director:

Volunteer Application

We are always looking for people to help check badges at doors, provide information, assist with panels and workshops, and generally help provide a better experience for everyone.

We provide our volunteers with the following:

  • Convention access based on volunteer hours.
  • Snacks and refreshements.
  • Crash space for long distance volunteers.
  • Exclusive invitation to private after party.

Volunteers will have the following expectations:

  • Adhere to all convention policies and positively represent the convention.
  • Work 4 hours for a day wrist band or 16 hours for a weekend badge.
  • Work 24 hours for crash space in addition to convention access for those living 30 minutes away or longer. First come first serve, space is limited.
  • Attend pre convention meeting if local.

If you are interested in volunteering for Anime Austin and to help us make the event a better place for everyone, please use the link below to fill out the form to provide your information to our Volunteer director:

Vendor Application

If you are interested in being a vendor in the Anime Austin dealers’ room, please email us at [email protected] for availability information, or purchase one from us directly:

General Contact Information

For any other questions or help you may need, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll respond as soon as we are able.